Becky Lawton, managing director, heads the team at Delicooks. She has over twenty years of experience as a leading photographer, enabling her to establish Delicook’s prominence in the photographing of food and gastronomic experiences. She selects her team carefully: food stylists, chefs, camera operators and professional re-touchers. The team work from recipes and take care of every detail, according to each client’s specifications.
Advertising agencies, publishers and advertisers
Delicooks work on the most demanding assignments to create innovative food or recipe pictures of the highest quality. Our services include: branding and product promotion; creating and printing books and cookbooks; developing wide range of advertising photographs.

Food Photography

Becky Lawton and her team at Delicooks are the specialists in food photography. Delicooks enjoy working with leading brands such as: Nespresso, Aneto, Cuina Magazine, Jordi Roca, El Corte Inglés, Fripan, Bolets Petràs, Le Creuset, Carme Ruscalleda, Caprabo, Editorial Planeta, and many more.


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Brand Promotion

Aneto, Le Creusset, Conservas La Cala by Albert Adrià, Nomen Rice, kitchen utensils by Lekue, Lavinia wine, Fripan products, sprouting seeds by Ecological Batlle are just a few of the companies that have trusted us with their products and have commissioned photographs from Delicooks.


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Product Photography

We use innovative methods and fresh ideas when working with food photography. For example, we focus on specific products that vary according to the customer’s selected theme, such as: organic beekeeping; urban gardens; collections of lavender and saffron; artichokes from Prat de Llobregat; seafood ...


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Cookbooksand magazines

They apply their high standards to all editorial assignments for culinary books.
The many published titles include: Delicias Veganas with Toni Rodriguez; Spiritual Chef with Javier Medvedovsky; Vegan Burgers with Toni Rodriguez; Delicias bajo cero with Iker Erauzquin ...


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Culinary creations

Delicooks design, write and photograph a diverse range of projects. We develop modern and delicious recipes with a talented team of chefs, counsellors, nutritionists, editors and specialized photographers.
Each high-quality recipe is styled with our creative signature.


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Delicooks Photo Bank

Delicooks Photo Bank provides you with a fabulous resource at your fingertips! The team has created an extensive and varied collection of Delicooks’ recipes and photographic products that you can buy. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive information about rates and photography right options.


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Becky Lawton’s team at Delicooks is flexible and able to work with a range of clients from large companies to individuals. Delicooks has gained expertise over the years to contribute a variety of assignments such as publishing projects, reports, and bank images. Some examples from the wide range of projects completed successfully include:

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Our team consists of top professionals from the world of haute cuisine, nutritional photography, writers, recipe development and the implantation of publishing projects. We also look at the emerging values of these specialities in order to guarantee the vitality and the energy needed to fulfil new orders and projects according to the customers and the required products.

Becky Lawton


Creator of Delicooks. Photographer and stylist specialising in gastronomic food photography.

Adriana Ortemberg


Vegetarian cook, naturopathic, nutritional consultant, home economist and author of several books.

Marisa Aguirre


Naturopath and nutritional consultant. Content director, writer and PPRR.

Stephane Poussardin


Professional chef, culinary consultant and teacher. He owns "L'Atelier de Stephane".

tony rodriguez


Vegan chef and pastry chef. Manager of the “Bon Lloc” restaurant in Mallorca. The author of various vegan recipe books.

Merce Pasola


Raw cooking expert, culinary consultant, lecturer and author of the books of raw cuisine.

eva hausmann


Chef profesional, asesora gastronómica, divulgadora y autora del libro “Sabor Mediterráneo”.

Adrián Geralnik


Chef profesional, consultor, asesor gastronómico. home economist y fotógrafo profesional.

iker erauzkin


Professional chef and culinary consultant. The author of various cookery books. The owner of the restaurant “Uma by Iker”.

neil cutler


He has developed his career as a graphic designer in London, Australia and Barcelona. Specialising in packaging and branding.

javier medvedovsky


Raw food chef, consultant and teacher. Kitchen director of the “Blue Project” restaurant. Author of the book “Espiritual Chef”

Prabhu Sukh


Vegan chef, a culinary consultant, specialising in vegan and healthy cuisine.

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