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Our team consists of top professionals from the world of haute cuisine, nutritional photography, writers, recipe development and the implantation of publishing projects. We also look at the emerging values of these specialities in order to guarantee the vitality and the energy needed to fulfil new orders and projects according to the customers and the required products.

Becky Lawton


Creadora de Delicooks. Fotógrafa y estilista especializada en fotografía gastronómica.

Adriana Ortemberg


Vegetarian cook, naturopathic, nutritional consultant, home economist and author of several books.

bjorn badetti


Professional photographer, graphic designer, stylist and expert in digital retouching.

Marisa Aguirre


Asesora nutricional y naturópata. Realizadora de contenidos, redactora y RRPP.

Stephane Poussardin


Professional chef, culinary consultant and teacher. He owns "L'Atelier de Stephane".

Sarah Lawton


Translator for Delicooks and English Language teacher.

tony rodriguez


Vegan chef and pastry chef. Manager of the “Bon Lloc” restaurant in Mallorca. The author of various vegan recipe books.

Merce Pasola


Raw cooking expert, culinary consultant, lecturer and author of the books of raw cuisine.

Merce Pasola


Ceramist and eco-cook. Specialized in high temperature tableware for restaurants.

eva hausmann


Professional chef and culinary consultant, disseminator and author of "Mediterranean Taste".

Adrián Geralnik


Professional chef, culinary consultant. Home economist and professional photographer.

iker erauzkin


Professional chef and culinary consultant. The author of various cookery books. The owner of the restaurant “Uma by Iker”.

neil cutler


e has developed his career as a graphic designer in London, Australia and Barcelona. Specialising in packaging and branding.

javier medvedovsky


Raw food chef, consultant and teacher. Kitchen director of the “Blue Project” restaurant. Author of the book “Espiritual Chef”.

Prabhu Sukh


Vegan chef, a culinary consultant, specialising in vegan and healthy cuisine.